Brazil’s recession worst on record

The latest figures show that the country is currently facing the deepest economic decline since records began. Within the two-year slump the economy of Brazil contracted by 3.6%, meaning it is now 8% smaller than it was in December 2014 and the number of unemployed rose by 76% to 12.9 million, a rate of 12.6% . However, analysts believe the economy should start to pick up from here. Brazil was once one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, relying mostly on its key exports – oil, soy and metals.


Yellow taxis ‘have lower accident rate than blue ones’

Latest research done is Singapore suggests that taking a yellow taxi instead of a blue one reduces your risk of an accident. Researchers analysed three years worth of accident data from the city-state’s largest taxi operator, whose fleet is predominantly blue and yellow. It concluded yellow vehicles had about six fewer crashes per thousand taxis each month than their blue equivalents. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, used speed monitoring data to rule out causes of accidents. As it turns out, the greater visibility of the brighter cars was suggested to be the main reason for fewer accidents.


Uber looking for chief operating officer

“This morning I told the Uber team that we’re actively looking for a Chief Operating Officer: a peer who can partner with me to write the next chapter in our journey,” sait Travis Kalanick -the chief executive officer of Uber Technologies Inc’s, last Tuesday. This sudden change of heart might have something to do with the fact that last week the company asked a senior executive to leave for failing to disclose a sexual harassment allegation.

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Lucija Markić ima 22 godine i studentica je treće i četvrte godine Poslovne ekonomije EFZG-a. Nema previše slobodnog vremena, ali kad bi ga imala provodila bi ga gledajući filmove. Iskreno uživa pisati članke za Manager, a kad ne volontira radi na garderobi jednog poznatog zagrebačkog noćnog kluba i sretno je zaljubljena.

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