Zagreb Auto Show 2018

The most visited and attractive fair held at the Zagreb Velesajam, opened yesterday. That international salon of automobiles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and supporting industry with OICA quality standard will be held from 10 – 15 April 2018. Zagreb Auto Show with more than 85 world brands represented at the fair will make an event of special economic and social significance for Croatia and this part of Europe enjoying full support of the City of Zagreb. This year, visitors can expect adrenaline spectacles accompanied by a rich and very attractive show programme: Star of the Salon Selection, the first Enduro motorcycling competition on sports motorcycles that includes various obstacles (wood, rock, water,…), stunt moto show by Dejan Špoljar, Harley Davidson parade and more. The Fast and the Furious polygon will feature daily demo drives for visitors (Drift taxi and Auto slalom taxi) and during the weekend also car competitions (Auto style and DB competition). Even though you don’t consider yourself the biggest auto show fan, we are sure you’ll find something to do, so don’t miss the show and hurry up to Zagreb Velesajam.


Croatian franchise Surf’n’Fries expansion in Australia

If you ever find yourself at the Zagreb city center in the middle of night, you probably had cravings for fries from most famous Croatian franchise. Speaking of the most successful Croatian franchise, Surf’n’Fries, is set to open in Australia. Launched in 2009 in Croatia, Surf’n’Fries has expanded with franchises opening up all over the world, including in Dubai, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Ireland, Norway, Vietnam and Iran, is to open outlets near Bondi Beach in Sydney. Surf’n’Fries specialize in a range of various fries, from classic to crinkle wedges, to chocolate coated fries, as well as nuggets, wings, hot dogs and more. Surf’n’Fries also invented oil-free technology, which solves the problem of unhealthy fast food items by only using air to make fries, chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks and other Surf’n’Fries specialty products. Surf’n’Fries have 50 franchises in 15 countries around the world and plans to expand even further with outlets in India and America opening soon.


Uber buys a bikeshare company

After cars, motorcycles, Uber is expanding to bicycles. Uber has acquired a bikeshare company as it expands beyond cars in its efforts to reshape transportation. The ride-hailing company bought Jump Bikes, a New York-based firm that operates in 40 US cities. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in a blog post that the company wants to make multiple modes of transportation available in its app, including bicycles and subway rides. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Companies like Uber are betting on big shifts in how people commute and bicycles have become trendy because they offer affordable mobility while limiting traffic congestion and pollution. Cities are already seeing shifts in how people commute with fewer people riding on public transportation in the United States, according to research. Uber sees bicycles as a way to offer fast and affordable transportation. “Our ultimate goal is one we share with cities around the world: making it easier to live without owning a personal car,” Khosrowshahi wrote. “Achieving that goal ultimately means improving urban life by reducing congestion, pollution and the need for parking spaces.” The Jump Bikes branding will remain after the acquisition.


Classroom “war” between Apple and Google

Never-ending fight for American classrooms has a news. In Apples attempt to take back the classroom from Google, the company revealed an updated, faster iPad that works with the Apple Pencil. The 9.7-inch device is the same size as the traditional iPad but the biggest selling point is that the new iPad works with the Apple Pencil, which previously only worked with the higher-end iPad Pro tablets. Apple imagines it being used by kids for educational purposes like art projects. Apple also teased software features such as smart annotations to help teachers markup papers, and augmented reality support, which will enable new ways to learn. Apple also revealed a series of apps for the classroom, such as a progress tool called Classroom that allows users to what students are working on in the classroom. Meanwhile, its new ClassKit platform allows developers to create puzzles, tests, and lesson plans for students. iPads and Mac computers were once the primary devices used in American schools. However, in recent years, Apple’s dominance has slipped. Now, Google’s budget-friendly Chromebook laptops occupy nearly 60% of all devices in the classroom, according to some researches. Apple devices make up just 17% of the education marketshare. To get ahead of Apple’s news, Google announced its first tablet running Chrome 10: Acer’s Tab 10. Google and Acer hope to bring the flexibility and versatility of the Chrome operating system to an even more portable device.

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Dea Derjanović (DEA) nije agencija za suzbijanje droga nego studentica četvrte godine Poslovne ekonomije EFZG-a. Demonstratorica je na Katedri za marketing i strastveni zaljubljenik putovanja. Svaki slobodan trenutak koristi kako bi mogla negdje otputovati, a želja joj je obići cijeli svijet. Već četiri godine uči ruski, a u slobodno vrijeme uči bočno parkiranje, bilo kakvo parkiranje.

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