Vegeta and The Remembering Vukovar tour as Croatian representatives in the world

Croatian flavor enhancer Vegeta, produced by Podravka, is the key at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse in New York as revealed in a TV show ‘A Taste of New York’. Chef CenobioCanalizoprepared grilled fish with a tomato sauce and New York Giant’s French fries, using an ample dose of Vegeta in creating both. This Croatian product is exported all over the world and sold in over 40 countries, which confirms its quality. Speaking of Croatian products and heritage, The Remembering Vukovar tour that has visited Australia, New Zealand and Canada, will also make its way to the United States. Presented by Damir Plavšić and Damir Markuš, an informative evening through video, live narration, and songs will show the struggle of Croatians in Vukovar and educate the Croatian youth about this tragic episode in Croatian history. ‘Remembering Vukovar – How We Defended our City and Croatia’ production has been successfully touring around the world over the last two years and over the next three weeks will also head to New York, Washington D.C, Cleveland, Chicago, California, Detroit, St. Louis and Milwaukee.

The ECB presidents Mario Draghi prediction about the slack in the euro zone economy

Previously estimated slack in the euro zone economy turned to be less significant than the real one. The real slack could slow the rise of inflation but only temporarily and prices will eventually climb, said European Central Bank President Mario Draghi.The ECB president told the European Parliament’s committee on economic affairs that the factors slowing the rise of inflation will wane as growth continues and the traditional relationship between growth and inflation remains intact, even if their correlation has been weakened in recent years. The ECB remains confident that inflation is finally on an upward trend, supporting market expectations for the bank to finally end its bond purchase programme this year. Draghi says the slack is particularly visible in the labor market,where factors should wane as the economic expansion continues and unemployment further declines. This rise in inflation remained conditional on ECB stimulus, while financial market volatility, particularly the euro’s recent rise, is a source of concern and requires close monitoring.


Venezuela launches oil cryptocurrency

In an attempt to bypass economic sanctions imposed by the US government,Venezuela has launched a cryptocurrency called “Petro” which intention is to bolster the country’s crumbling economy. Venezuelan economy has been suffering from hyperinflation and devaluation for years.President Nicolas Maduro has said each token will be backed by a barrel of Venezuelan crude. Some critics say the move is a desperate attempt by Caracas to raise cash at a time when Venezuela lacks the ability to repay its $150bn of foreign debt while the others disagree.A total of 100 million Petros will be sold, with an initial value set at $60, based on the price of a barrel of Venezuelan crude in mid-January.The official website published a guide to setting up a virtual wallet in which to hold the cryptocurrency, but did not provide a link for actually doing so. It will take time to see what will the new cryptocurrency bring to the Venezuela but also how it will affect the economy.


Aston Martins strategic decisions after first annual profit since 2010

The British sports car producer posts its first annual profit since 2010 with more than 5000 vehicles sold last year. Aston Martin made a pre-tax profit of £87m last year, compared with a £163m loss in 2016. Its flagship DB11 coupe proved popular with buyers, helping drive its sales tally to a nine-year high, Aston Martin said. It also confirmed it is considering a stock market listing. Andy Palmer, boss who took over in 2014, has pursued a turnaround, said the new models designed in Aston Martin would result in output rising “significantly” above 5,000 cars in 2018. In the second half of the year the car maker could look for a buyer, considering a range of strategic options for the future of the group, naming one of those options as an IPO (initial public offering).Also new regarding Aston Martin its an information that the company was applying to have the new Vantage model licensed by a regulator in the European Union rather than the UK due to uncertainty about vehicle rules after Brexit.

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Dea Derjanović (DEA) nije agencija za suzbijanje droga nego studentica četvrte godine Poslovne ekonomije EFZG-a. Demonstratorica je na Katedri za marketing i strastveni zaljubljenik putovanja. Svaki slobodan trenutak koristi kako bi mogla negdje otputovati, a želja joj je obići cijeli svijet. Već četiri godine uči ruski, a u slobodno vrijeme uči bočno parkiranje, bilo kakvo parkiranje.

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