‘Croatia is Hrvatska’ is World’s Best Designed Exhibition

A team from the Brigada Agency from Zagreb has won the IIDA Global Excellence Award in the category of Showrooms and Exhibition Spaces for their Throwback Tunnel exhibition ‘Croatia is Hrvatska’ organised on the occasion of the 133rd anniversary of Croatia Insurance Company Plc.

‘Croatia is Hrvatska’ was an interactive and multi-media exhibition that was put on in the Grič Tunnel in Zagreb in the autumn of 2017.

Together with Brigada, which was in charge of spatial design, the project was also developed and carried out by teams from Adris Group Corporate Communications, Croatia Insurance Company Plc., the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency and Millenium promocija, as well as co-organised by the Zagreb Tourist Board.

The exhibition was staged as time travel through parallel histories of Croatia, Zagreb and Croatia Insurance Company Plc., uniquely incorporating personal and family histories of exhibition visitors. The citizens were able to contribute their family stories to the exhibition, allowing their personal histories to be displayed side by side to historical figures.

This annually held international competition honours outstanding originality and excellence in the creation of international interior design and interior architecture projects. Besides Croatia Insurance Company Plc., the winning projects included the projects designed for investors in China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and the US.

“We are glad the jury recognized our desire to use the interior design of the exhibition to create an experience the visitors would be able to take along with them, and not merely a “beautiful space”. The cooperation with a truly broad cross-disciplinary team of communication experts and new technologies were a key to the success of this project and I believe that in fact such synergy had contributed to this success in really strong global competition,” said Damjan Geber, Creative Director at Brigada.

“The winners illustrate transformative design while offering pragmatic solutions that meet the needs of the local population and pay homage to local trends and traditions,” said Cheryl S. Durst, IIDA Executive Vice President and CEO.

“The winners showcased the power of design excellence to connect emotionally with users. We were pleased to see a variety of innovative, warm and functional interior design projects from around the world,” said Malcolm Berg, IIDA President and Design Director, on behalf of the jury.

In addition to Malcom Berg, the projects were reviewed by a panel of international design professionals including: Stephanie Cardinal, president, humà design + architecture; Danielle Fox, principal designer, Rodrigo Vargas Design; Johannes Lampela, director of design, Designworks Los Angeles, a BMW Group Company; and Geno Yun, AIA, LEED AP, principal, ELS Architecture and Urban Design.

The IIDA is the International Interior Design Association, and the award was presented to Brigada authors on 20th January in Paris. Moreover, one of the most influential regional portals for the advertising and communications industry – Media Marketing – has recently declared the “Throwback Tunnel” exhibition as the Event of the Year 2017.

14.09.2017., Zagreb – Multimedijska interaktivna izlozba “Croatia je Hrvatska” s osvrtom i interaktivnim prikazima brojnih poznatih i nepoznatih detalja iz 133 godine burne hrvatske, zagrebacke i povijesti najstarije hrvatske tvrtke Croatia osiguranja od 16. rujna do 1. studenog bit ce otvorena u tunelu Gric. Photo: Petar Glebov/PIXSELL

Rimac Announces Next Generation Hypercar

Croatian electric hypercar developers Rimac Automobili have given the public another look at their latest creation.

Rimac Automobili published a new video today on their official Facebook page presenting the new model.

“Why play by the rules, when you can change the game,” Rimac wrote announcing the Next Generation hypercar.

The car is the follow up to Concept One and will be Rimac’s second high-performance electric vehicle.

Rimac will unveil Concept Two (working name) at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show which will take place from 8-18 March 2018.

Branded as a ‘true game changer’, the car will be more comfortable and pricy than the original Concept One model but will be a better performing car.

“With the working name Concept Two – it definitely won’t be called that. The model will be “comfortable luxury” and a little bit bigger than the Concept One but still a two-seater. the firm’s chief operating officer Monika Mikac said in an earlier interview.

Rimac’s Concept One was billed as the world’s first electric supercar when it was released, delivering 1224bhp and 1180lb ft of torque with a 0-62mph sprint time of 2.5sec.

Rimac will manufacture more of the second version than the previous model with 150 expected to be made.

Croatia Airlines Planning to Launch Dublin Service

Croatia Airlines is set to launch a new service between Zagreb and Dublin this summer, Ex-Yu Aviation News reports.

The first talk of Croatia Airlines launching a service between the Croatian and Irish capitals came last summer when the airline completed a feasibility study into the route’s viability.

Due to the growing Croatian diaspora in Ireland, Croatia Airlines operated several charter flights between Osijek and Dublin over the Christmas period in 2016/2017.

With the community there growing and also an increase in tourists to Croatia from Ireland, it looks like the new service could be a reality as soon as this summer.

“The Irish Embassy in Croatia said it was looking forward to increased cooperation between Croatia Airlines and the airports in Zagreb and Dublin following talks between the carrier’s CEO and Ambassador Olive Hempenstall last week,” EX-YU Aviation News writes, adding.

“For its part, Dublin Airport noted it is in negotiations with a number of carriers but would not comment on individual talks. Croatia Airlines plans to unveil its summer expansion plans during February or early March. So far, the company has announced the introduction of new seasonal services between Dubrovnik and Munich, as well as Split and Copenhagen. It will also boost frequencies from Zagreb to Rome, Skopje, St Petersburg and Tel Aviv.”

There are currently no scheduled flights between Zagreb and Dublin. Ireland’s national airline, Aer Lingus, operates summer services to Dubrovnik, Split and Pula.

When asked if a possible route to Zagreb would be added, Aer Lingus responded by saying flights could be introduced if they determined that the Zagreb route matched their customers’ needs, was economically viable and made a positive financial contribution to our business as a whole.

Croatian Beach on Business Insider’s TOP 100 Must-Visit in the World

Leading American financial and business news website Business Insider has published today a list of 100 under-the-radar beaches everyone should visit in their lifetime.

Like most lists of this kind, a Croatian beach manages to make the cut.

Business Insider asked some of the most influential travel bloggers and experts, from the likes of Lonely Planet, Secret Escapes, KAYAK, British Airways, Airbnb, lastminute.com, and HolidayPirates for the most incredible under-the-radar beaches they’ve ever visited.

Zlatni rat beach on the island of Brac has made the list which features some of the most breathtaking in the world.

“Widely recognised as one of the most beautiful beaches on the Croatian coastline, Zlatni Rat also has one of the most unique and unusual shapes, created as a result of deposits of fine pebbles as sediment around the underwater reef,” HolidayPirates said. “The thin tip of the beach is ever changing shape due to sea currents and winds, meaning that each time you visit, the beach will look slightly different.”

Other stunning beaches to make the list included Matira Beach, Bora Bora, in French Polynesia, Tallow Beach, Byron Bay in Australia, Tsarabanjina Island, Madagascar and Gulpiyuri Beach in Spain.

Slavonski Med Becomes 19th Croatian Product Protected by EU

Slavonski med, or honey from Croatia’s eastern Slavonia region, is the latest Croatian product to receive the EU geographical origin label.

The European Commission has unanimously agreed that ‘Slavonski med’ will now have EU geographical protection status after a request for protection from the Ministry of Agriculture was approved in Brussels.

EU protected geographical status helps protect product names from misuse and imitation and helps consumers by giving them information concerning the specific character of the products.

Slavonski med (Slavonian honey) is honey produced by native grey honeybees (Apis mellifera carnica, Pannonian subtype) from the nectar of melliferous plants or the secretions of living parts of plants or excretions of plant-sucking insects on the living parts of plants, which the bees collect, combine with specific substances of their own, store, dehydrate, and deposit in honeycomb cells to mature within the geographical area of Slavonia.

The common characteristic properties of Slavonski med having an influence on the quality of the product are percentage water content and quantity of hydroxymethylfurfurals (HMFs).

Slavonski med is at most 18,3 % water and the maximum amount of HMFs is 16,5 mg/kg. Another specific feature of ‘Slavonski med’ is the presence in it of pollen from plant species in the Brassicaceae family, Robinia spp. and the Rosaceae family, as either secondary pollen (at least 16 %) or minor pollen (up to 15 %). The amount of sucrose in ‘Slavonski med’ is less than the prescribed values.

Slavonski med is the 19th Croatian product which has been protected, others include pršut from Dalmatia, Drniš, Krk and Istria, olive oil from Cres, Krk, Solta and Korcula, mandarins from Neretva, Poljicki soparnik, sour cabbage from Ogulin, Kulen from Baranja and Slavonian, cabbage from Varazdin, salt and lamb from Pag, turkey from Zagorje and potatoes from Lika.


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