Croatian hit in New York – Homemade Croatian Pastries

One thing Croatians love to do is bake cakes and pastries. No matter the ocassion there is always an abundance of them about. With so many Croatians scattered all over the world, many love to have a reminder of home and one of the best ways to do that is via the stomach by having a taste of ‘home’. One person who is keeping the baking of traditional Croatian cakes and pastries alive is Linda Antolos Popovic in the United States. Linda has lived in New York all of her life. Her parents emigrated to the United States from Zablaće near Šibenik on the Dalmatian coast and she has kept her culture alive. “I have been coming to Croatia every summer since I was 7 years old,” Linda says, who lives in Queens. Linda married in 1992 to a man who also had family roots from Zablaće, and the couple have 20-year-old twins. Both girls are active in the folklore group Hrvatska ruža, and speak Croatian very well. Linda prepares a wide range of popular Croatian cakes, from Breskvica, Madarica, and Kremsnita, to Cupavci and a special cake decorated with Sibenik’s cathedral. She also ships her products all over the United States.

Grunner X – World’s First Smart Bike designed by Croatians

After the introduction of their electric bicycle prototype, Croatian company Mobile Vehicle Technology presents to the world a huge revolution in transport – Grunner X. This bicycle, after prototype Grunner MA1, comes as a version that is adventure – oriented cycling with state of the art performance and functionality. Maximum speed of this vehicle, which should be called bicycle just because of its construction, is up to 45 kilometers per hour, it has up to 2.500 charging and discharging cycles of battery package and it should be pointed out that it has automatic recognition of approaching vehicles which will alert the driver through vibrations in the steering wheel. With development of “Vehicle Optimization System” technology it became possible to save up to 35 percent of energy needed for this bicycle so Grunner X has imposing autonomy of 350 kilometers reach with one charging. Grunner X is constantly connected to internet and its sends 57 different parameters to “cloud” platform for driving optimization and foreseeing of potential problems. Goal of this functions is to further raise the bar for product quality and safety of driving. By using “smart” functions of bicycle every user can share his experience and routes of travel through unique Gcloud platform. Both makes it possible to manage bicycle from any part of the world, also insight in all real-time parameters on it and ability to suggest trending locations in users proximity. Grunner X has managed, considering all of the innovations, to keep acceptable price range of 6000 euros which is almost two times less than other electric bicycles on market at the moment.

Eurowings Reveal Croatia Expansion Plans

German low-cost airline Eurowings have unveiled expansion plans in Croatia on Tuesday. After earlier announcing that they will for the first time fly all year round to Rijeka on Croatia’s northern Adriatic coast, Eurowings announced today that it plans to handle over one million passengers on flights to and from Croatia in 2018. “We are in the final phase of talks with Brač Airport over the introduction of flights. Services are expected to launch next year. We also plan to add a new route to Osijek and increase the existing two weekly service from Stuttgart to three per week,” Eurowings Senior Manager for Network Development and Airport Relations Ivan Oreč said. Eurowings will increase frequencies on six routes in 2018 and is in talks with the Croatian National Tourist Board over incentives for next year, Ex-Yu Aviation News writes. Eurowings launch flights from Dusseldorf to the Croatian capital today but is cautious about future expansion the capital. “Zagreb Airport’s costs are above average so we are being careful. This year we will handle 170.000 passengers on flights to the Croatian capital, which will grow to over 200.000 in 2018. We see a good mix of business and leisure passengers to Zagreb with average loads of between 80% and 90%,” Oreč added. Eurowings expanded its winter schedule and will for the first time include the Köln-Rijeka route in its schedule. Flights will operate between the two cities three times per week – Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays – starting in November. Flights will be operated by an Airbus A319 aircraft. The low-cost airline has become Croatia’s second largest, behind Croatia Airlines, with a passenger share of 10%. It has overtaken easyJet which was the previous title holder.

 Cake & Pastry Shop Vincek Celebrates 40 Years of History

Any business that can last four decades must be doing some right, and that rings even more true in the food business. A family-run business which changed the cake and pastry image in the Croatian capital Zagreb celebrates its 40th birthday. The Vincek cake and pastry shop was started by the spouses Ankica and Stjepan Vincek in 1977, and it became one of the leading Croatian producers of pastries, cakes, fancy biscuits, chestnut puree, ice cream and other unique delicacies to order. The Vincek cake and pastry shop was the first in the capital to offer the famous Zagreb custard slices topped with whipped cream and high-quality chocolate (Kremsnita). “Continuous investment in product quality and the use of only the best local ingredients and highest production standards – this was recognized by numerous customers who visit Vincek shops on a daily basis,” Vincek says, adding that they constantly kept up with global trends in pastry, introducing new production and product quality maintenance technologies. Vincek, which started its cake and pastry-making mission by opening a small shop at the Zvonimirova street, now employs more than 100 people and has 6 shops in Zagreb. All Vincek products bear the Richemont mark for excellence in bakery and confectionery awarded by the Richemont club – an association of experts in bakery and confectionery. “Our products were awarded numerous other awards and recognition for quality. The excellence of our products is known beyond Croatian borders – Vincek won numerous awards, including an award at the Spanish 36th International Award For Tourist, Hotel and Catering Industry in 2011”.

Toys Inspired by Croatian Heritage

A unique project has resulted in the first interactive, didactic toys for kids inspired by Croatian heritage being produced. HAI (Hrvatske autentične igračke) or Croatian authentic toys, is a project which was conceived to design interactive, didactic toys inspired by Croatian heritage and bring Croatia’s rich cultural heritage closer to the children of preschool age. HAI, a collaboration between the design studio and Povucizakulturu association, has resulted in 30 prototypes being made with four toys inspired by Croatian heritage produced for sale. “We often see play as an act contrary to work, although it contains most of the same elements: motivation, orientation, interaction, and reward – in a sense of enjoyment that derives from doing what we love. We can conclude that playing is as serious and responsible as work, especially considering that through play children develop in all aspects, as integral beings.” Tandara says that by researching the existing market of toys helped them define new criteria to stimulate the development of new values and experiences of play, mainly by encouraging self-esteem, inventiveness, and creativity. “In so doing we tried to avoid instant solutions, and ‘completeness’ of products and the designed collection of toys interprets different values of heritages such as mythology, life habits of our ancestors, embroidery and stitching techniques, and values that stem from our relationship to nature.” “By designing original products following proposed criteria we tried to subtly intrigue children to explore our rich heritage, but the true values will be discovered through the interaction of play. Thus children will be able to spontaneously acquire knowledge, skills, and values such as honesty, trust, creative communication, problem-solving, and skills that will make them more self-assured, motivated, they will learn how to collaborate, share, win and lose”.


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