Baggizmo Wiseward – Unique Smart Wallet from Croatia

Advanced technological innovation in Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet provides multiple security of your property. Baggizmo, a popular start-up, has launched its second Kickstarter campaign. This time it is for a technological product – Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet. The wallet is specially designed to improve the security of credit cards and protect personal documents using integrated technology. The technology was entirely developed in Croatia by Baggizmo team lead by Ladislav Juric. The “smart” functionalities of Baggizmo Wiseward prevent the widespread illegal access to the data contactless banking cards and stealing them by means of so-called card skimmers. Using Bluetooth technology, the Baggizmo smart wallet is connected to a mobile device in order to reduce the possibility of theft and of losing or forgetting it, while a mobile app instantly notifies you that your wallet has moved. Also, an integrated small UV light bulb helps us establish if a banknote we put in the wallet is original or counterfeit. This Kickstarter campaign aims at a USD35,000.00 investment that will help Baggizmo finish the development of its production tools, begin the production of the first series of smart wallets and launch it into the international market.

Luxury Four Seasons Resort on Hvar Presented

The first Four Seasons resort on the Adriatic Coast is expected to open in 2019 on the Croatian island of Hvar. Last night the Four Seasons – Resort and Private Residences Hvar was presented in Stari Grad on the island, where the projects main investor, Arqaam Capital, have opened a sales office this weekend. Construction of the luxury tourist resort is expected to commence at the end of 2017 once all permits have been obtained. Besides the 120-room, 5-star Four Seasons hotel, the development will feature luxury residential community including 60 Four Seasons Private Residences ranging in size from one and two bedroom residences to three to five bed. Over 300 new jobs are expected to be opened by the project which is worth close to one billion kuna. Arqaam Capital has entered into a partnership with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts which is located on a prime waterfront site at Brizenica Bay on the island of Hvar. Riad Meliti, Chief Executive Officer of Arqaam Capital, commented, “We are creating a natural retreat within a stunning, secluded enclave in one of the Dalmatian Coast’s most beautiful and private bays. Four Seasons was the natural choice for us as they share our commitment to elegance, unrivalled service and luxury. They have a long history, a strong and undiluted brand and an uncompromising dedication to the highest standards.”

Smoother Croatia-Slovenia Border Crossings During Summer Tourist Season

There is set to be smoother crossings of both sides of the Slovenia-Croatia border over the summer tourist season. Chaotic scenes at border crossings, with queues stretching kilometres, resulted after new EU regulations on the systematic monitoring of all passengers crossing external borders of the Schengen area were introduced in April. With the tourist season bringing heavy traffic, there were concerns of a potential disaster as the new regulations saw an average of around 3-4 minutes in extra checking per car at the border. On Tuesday Slovenian media have reported that the nation’s Interior Ministry have notified the European Commission that it will possibly do away with systematic monitoring and revert to the targeted passenger control in order to better facilitate the entry of tourists heading into Croatia until the 30th of September 2017.

Bite Art – Promoting Croatia Through Edible Art

BITE ART – take a bite of artistic pepper cookies by Ana Šerić, wrapped in a sophisticated frame with artworks of renowned Croatian artists. Artist Ana Šerić has created an interactive souvenir BITE ART which harmoniously unites artistic pepper cookies, a Croatian favourite, with artwork reproductions in an innovative package. The package, on the other hand, after the treat has been consumed, transforms into a picture frame each containing 4 reproductions of renowned Croatian artists. The first collection of this socially engaged project saw the works of artists belonging to a younger generation – Ana Kolega, Hrvoje Majer, OKO and Marko Tadić, as well as masterpieces of the eminent Croatian artists Ivan Rabuzin and Vlaho Bukovac. As a product, BITE ART can serve as a perfect corporate or diplomatic gift or souvenir, while it can also be used as a decoration in small interior spaces. The branding and design of the BITE ART package are designed by Izvorka Jurić’s Design Bureau, and they gracefully convey the background and mood of the artist’s work, as well as Ana Šerić’s original concept. She, however, with its very title, celebrates and satirises art at the same time.

Heroic Firefighters Stop Devastating Blaze on Makarska Riviera

The devastating fires that raged in Podgore and Tučepi on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast over the past two days have been controlled thanks to the heroic work of the nation’s firefighters and army. Thankfully, there were no casualties or major damage to homes or buildings, but around 500 hectares of pine forest land and olive trees were affected. More than 350 firefighters worked day and not to put out the blaze, which was made difficult to control due to the strong bura winds. There is still no confirmation as to what started the fires, which saw guests of nearby hotels and residents evacuated.




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