World’s First Mobile Hostel Presented in Osijek

A Croatian firm out of the eastern city of Osijek has unveiled for the first time what is the world’s first mobile hostel.

The Nearby Hostel was on site this weekend for the first time at the Pannonian Challenge extreme sports event in Osijek.

The mobile hostel, which is the creation of Ivan Malić, Mihovil Grgurić, and Tin Vidović can be easily loaded onto a truck and transported from one place to another.

After arriving at the location the hostel can be fully operational in minutes. The hostel has 4 rooms with 12 beds, as well as toilets and the accompanying “smart showers,” which use 70% less water.

Each room is thermally insulated and equipped with comfortable beds, TV, Wi-Fi, lockers, power outlets, and a fridge. Keys are not needed because guests simply unlock the door of his room with his smartphone.

The Nearby Hostels are designed for festivals and events.

“These types of events regularly cause a strong increase in demand for accommodation, leading to a significant increase in prices. Often festival goers who have not pre-booked accommodation are forced to sleep in tents which have a lot of shortcomings – including comfort, functionality or lack of infrastructures such as sanitation facilities or electricity. Our mission is simple – we want to make festival accommodation, close, comfortable and affordable, so you can be free to party and enjoy festivals.”

Croatia Airlines Discounts for Under 25 & Over 65-Year-Olds

Croatia’s national carrier, Croatia Airlines, is offering special discounted flights for the month of June for under 25 and over 65-year-olds.

The ‘Look into the clouds’ promotion this month is offering a 15% discount in economy class on all domestic and international flights for passengers under 25 and over 65.ID or passport proving age is all that is required, whilst there is no restriction on when travel can be made. The number of tickets at the promotional price per flight is limited.

Atlantic Grupa Develops Survival Candy

One of the leading food companies in the region, Croatia’s Atlantic Grupa, has developed a ‘super’ candy designed for Croatian army soldiers to survive extraordinary situations whre there is a lack of food.

Croatian soldiers will recieve the special survival compressed candy which can keep soldiers going for days and prevents them avoiding a hypoglycemic attack in extreme situations.

The survival compressed candies, which last at least four years, have been developed by Atlantic Grupa together with the Food and Biotechnology faculty.

One candy is an energy ‘bomb’, with 27 grams containing 108 calories and stacked with carbohydrates and sugars. They come in cola, orange, and apple flavour.

The guys from Crombat Rations – which is a three member team from Croatia that collects and reviews military rations from all over the world – got hold of a sample and have reviewed it.

Refužo – Healthy Refill Store Near Trogir

A new healthy refill store has opened in Seget Donji, just west of Trogir on the Dalmatian coast.

All types of flour, gluten and gluten-free, spices, teas, soaps, seeds, honey, herbal remedies, dry fruits, medical creams, essential oils and more is available to shoppers at Refužo, which has just opened on Ulica hrvatskih zrtava 56a in Seget Donji, just 1 km west of Trogir.

“In this part of Dalmatia there are places missing where one can purchase what they want, by the gram or decagram, and exactly how much they need,” said the owner of Refužo, Irena Kosor.

Irena and her husband Dario have been on a healthy diet, one without white flour, sugar, and additives, for a number of years now and thought that it would be nice to have such a store locally. They contacted the franchise owners and opened the store.

The refill store concept, which traditionally has the lowest margins, is still a new one on the Croatian market. This concept means Refužo can offer healthy foods at acceptable prices.

Art Park Beer – Zagreb Park Gets its Own Beer

Summer Art Park, which is located between Tomić street and Strossmayer promenade in the heart of downtown Zagreb and has just opened again for another edition, now has its own beer.

A partnership between Medvedgrad brewery and Pimp my Pump, who are behind the Art Park project, has resulted in a special edition beer being produced – Art Park Beer.

The Art Park Beer label Piva is designed by Pimp my Pump, who wanted to reflect the good atmosphere and positive energy of Zagreb’s Art Park, and to remain consistent with the original vision that Medvedgrad has created for its products.

“Medvedgrad brewery has a project ‘Good Spirit of Zagreb’, which we want to support humanitarian action, especially those who, with their talent and effort, change the city for the better. Last year, Art Park was one of the most popular city events, and this year we decided to go a step further and we made beer for Art Park. Bare and the team made the label perfectly, we done our part with the beer and I must say that we are all thrilled with the result, “said Ivan Nauković, marketing manager of Pivovara Medvedgrad.

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