Freewa – App that Maps Global Free Drinking Water Sources

Croatians create an application that maps global sources of clean, free drinking water. This week Croatian startup Freewa launched an Indiegogo campaign aimed at gathering funds for project development and invited people to report in well-known sources of drinking water. Two trucks of plastic end up in oceans each minute, which has a dangerous impact on the environment and therefore on human health. Despite the fact that Croatia is known as one of the largest European and world drinking water oasis, people still pay for bottled water, which in just the production and distribution of five bottles, consumes many non-renewable energy sources and releases large amounts of greenhouse gases, and loses water quality. A team of Croatian design, marketing, and sales professionals have gathered to form Freewa, and have created tools to help people access free drinking water and thus contribute to reducing plastic waste and environmental protection. Freewa is actually an ecological water bottle and mobile application that can be used to locate the nearest drinking water, whether it is a natural source or public. Freewa glass eco bottle & felt bag are made by five recycled plastic water bottles, to further reduce the amount which ends in the seas, and can also become an original souvenir. Everyone is able to get involved in the worthy project via the Indiegogo campaign. People are also invited to located and register free drinking water sources via the app.


Swedish Brand IKEA Coming to Split & Rijeka

Swedish retail giants IKEA are to expand in Croatia by opening on the Adriatic coast in Split and Rijeka this summer. In July IKEA will open its first delivery centre, or ‘pick-up point’, in the city of Rijeka on the northern Adriatic coast (Mavrinci 16b, Čavle), whilst in August it will open the same in Split (CITY CENTER ONE, Vukovarska 207). Both delivery centres, which will be up to 1000 m2 in space and employ around five IKEA staff members, will enable customers to pick up goods which are ordered via IKEA’s websjop as well as checking out showcased products. “Our goal is to make IKEA available and accessible to most customers in Croatia. By opening two delivery centers in Split and Rijeka, we are closer to this goal. But we will not stop there. We are currently considering other locations in Croatia where we could open delivery centers. We hope our customers will also recognize the efforts we are doing to help them further make purchases and save them,” said Suzana Rumbak Baretić, logistics manager for IKEA Croatia, writes IKEA plans to open more delivery centres in the region in the near future, including two more in Croatia, as well as three more IKEA stores in the region in the next three years.

Stanić Beverages Expanding into China

Owners of the Croatian fruit juice brand Juicy have presented their range at one of the biggest and most influential food & hospitality fairs in Asia. Stanić Beverages Hrvatska presented their Juicy products at the SIAL China Fair in Shanghai, which was attended by thousands of potential partners, buyers, and distributors from over 70 countries in the food and hospitality industry. Juicy was the only Croatian brand present at the fair as it now looks to confirm its distribution partner to export to China, reports. “After the successful opening of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), with a focus on Dubai, Stanić Beverages Company continues with a strong development of its export strategy and plans to enter the Asian market”, said Svjetlan Stanić, owner and CEO of Stanić Beverages, the second largest Croatian beverage producer. “At the Shanghai Fair, we made a number of contacts with potential suppliers and started the process of selecting the appropriate distributor for the most copious regions in China, namely Shanghai, Beijing, and Nanjing, which together make up 47% of all consumers in China. It is interesting to note that as many as two-thirds of the world’s population lives in Asia, it is an exceptionally large market and consumers who value European products. That is why, in China, we see great potential for our brand 100% of Juicy natural juices.”

Astonishing New Luxury Hotel Coming to Krk Island

An impressive new boutique hotel, which includes a rooftop infinity pool with Croatian Glagolitic script, is to be built on the island of Krk next year. Located in Krk, the 11-million euro project has been designed by prominent Croatian architect studio Lotus Architecti, who are involved also in the New South community development planned in Chicago in the United States. “It will be a top hotel in a phenomenal position along the sea front and beach and in the old town. Krk as an island has virtually no boutique hotels, and this kind of capacity should be offered luxurious accommodation. Being close to Zagreb, it is planned that the boutique hotel will be open all year, and in the winter mostly for local guests”, Maja Bručić, who runs the studio Lotus Architecti, told Jutarnji list. A special feature of the 35-room hotel will be the 125 m2 infinity pool with Croatian Glagolitic script. The Glagolitic alphabet was preserved only by Croats who used it from the 12th to the 20th century, mostly in liturgy. The pool will have a view out to Krk’s Old Town, the sea and city’s stone walls.

Steora’s Placed in Melbourne and Prague

The Croatian smart bench revolution around the globe continues slowly. Today the first Steora benches were installed in Prague in the Czech Republic. Earlier this month the first bench was placed in Melbourne, Australia. The Czech Republic and Australia placements bring the total number of places people can use the benches to charge phones and use free WiFi to 13 countries on 4 continents and in 5 capital cities – Zagreb, Sarajevo, Prague, Bratislava, and Astana. The Croatian company behind the ‘world’s best smart street bench’, Include, founded by young 21-year-old inventor Ivan Mrvoš, also have some of their Steora benches in Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Qatar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. After placing a smart bench in Western Australia earlier this year, the plan is to install 30 in different locations in Australia by the end of the year. The Steora bench hides a wireless charger for advanced mobile devices – integrated with an acrylic glass cover – while it also offers two regular USB ports, together with a Wi-Fi access point. Users can charge their phones and connect to the Internet.

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